“The lead creator of Dead Mall Scroll is Pinky from Palace of Pinky.”

Pinky is an artist who began her journey by sewing masks during Covid. Her motto during these grim times was ‘cover your face with cute’ and she fabricated uplifting face coverings during a time of need. These masks were sold on Etsy and brought joy to many through their functional yet cute designs.

As the need for masks decreased, Pinky shifted her focus to continuing to bring joy to others through uplifting digital downloads. Her love of the Vaporwave aesthetic and nostalgic themes may be found through her artwork on Etsy and on her Palace of Pinky storefront.

Pinky continued to explore various mediums to express her creativity and soon she discovered Artificial Intelligence (AI) image generators. Whilst pining for the old days of the shopping mall, her first visions of AI generated shopping malls were created on that lonely spring night of 2023. Dead Mall Scroll was born. 


Pinky is the lead creator and visionary of Dead Mall Scroll. Her creations would not be possible without her Artificial Intelligence team. This ‘team’ consists of the current neural network that embodies AI.


The primary AI generator that Pinky uses is Midjourney. She also enjoys the DALL-E generator as it generates images with an entirely different feel.


AI image generators are curious things, as they have their own signature style elements that are hard to describe, yet easy to spot once you have created many images with them. These generators are integral parts of Pinky’s team and without them and the database of everything that they draw upon, there would be no vision.

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