Dead mall scroll sTORY

“There is nothing more relaxing than lying under a blanket staring at your phone, slowly scrolling through images that are nostalgic.”

Our first mall was created with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) image generator on a lonely spring night in 2023. When the image appeared, a warm and comforting feeling appeared with it. This feeling was nostalgia.


Nostalgia is a sentimental longing for the past, often accompanied by fond memories and a sense of emotional warmth. We began to chase, capture and unlock our memories of shopping malls through AI imagery. The documentation of this journey began at @deadmallscroll on Instagram. Dead Mall Scroll was born.


The initial goal of Dead Mall Scroll was to create a soothing feed that would be a resource for calming anxiety. There is nothing more relaxing than lying under a blanket staring at your phone, slowly scrolling through images that are nostalgic. These 1980s and 1990s inspired mall images are associated with a past era when things were simpler. Amidst the chaos that is the present day, going back in time is a comforting dream.


Dead Mall Scroll is becoming more than just a feed on Instagram. We want you to have an experience and be moved by the captivating energy of our art. Our vision is to inspire your mind awaken your feelings.


“Memories of a nonexistent past”

Not all the malls of Dead Mall Scroll are inspired by relics of the past. Many are visions of what malls may become in the future. They are dreams we can hope for if the great American mall makes a comeback.


Retrofuturism, a genre that looks to the past and the future for inspiration, is a recurring theme in our art. The perfect combination of nostalgia and imagination is the strength of many AI image generators and we draw upon this for our concepts.


Another element present in many of our shopping malls is the Vaporwave aesthetic. Vaporwave aesthetic is a cultural and artistic movement that embraces 1980s and 1990s consumer culture. It may involve many elements such as a neon color palette, surreal visuals and dreamlike atmospheres.



When our mall images are generated, some may feel familiar to you and have the likeness of a favorite childhood mall. Others may feel very foreign. Perhaps some of the images may even have disturbing undertones. Every mall experience is unique to the person who observes it because each of us have unique memories and dreams.


When we discuss “memories of a nonexistent past,” this is in reference to the phenomenon that may occur when you view one of our mall images and feel that you have been there before. Déjà vu. Yet having been to any of the malls that we create is impossible because none of them exist. None of them have ever existed. But maybe some of them may exist in the future.



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